Meet AVO, an Audio Reactive Gaming System that Makes Ping Pong More Playful

AREA: Embedded interaction design

DURATION & TEAM: A 3-week project with Ahsen Gülsen, Eduardo Ferreira and Yuanrui Li

CONTRIBUTION: Involving in the early stage from research to concept development, taking charge in prototyping and filmmaking for the final execution



Sound plays a key role while playing ping pong. How might we utilise the sound generated by ball-bouncing to locate its position, further triggering correlated visual and sound effects to make game more playful?



AVO supports the interactive projection working right onto the ping-pong table. The projection is audio-reactive, responding to the sounds of the ball bouncing and paddle hitting. Such principle creates the possibility for many games to be played aside from conventional ping-pong, like role-playing with your favorite character, transforming the paddle into a lightsaber that produces sparking sound when waved. Even unprecedented collaborative ping-pong is achievable in the brick-breaking game, especially suitable for beginners who enjoy hitting a ball back and forth rather than beating an opponent. No matter for amateurs or professional players, AVO provides an enjoyable experience and endless possibilities.

Locating the bouncing point of the ball by comparing volumes from three microphones embedded in ping pong table

A workable prototype to prove the feasibility of audio-reactive system

Player was waving the paddle at different speeds to trigger sound change.

Using a built-in accelerometer in wiimote as input to switch between different sound effects

Tweak projection by considering the visibility of score and animation

Conducting user tests to see how players reacted to visual information being displayed over the table and the sounds produced by their movements