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MUJO: An Online Platform to Break the Stereotype of Dropouts

AREA: Mobile application design & service design

TIME & TEAM: A 4-week project with Chang-Ping Yeh, Ellie Hou, Louis Chang and Ting-Lee Wang

CONTRIBUTION: Involving in the whole process from research to final execution with social workers and designers



Nowadays, social workers have difficulty in finding lecturers for middle school dropouts because, with negative stereotypes, few people could possibly view these outcasts as anything more than hopeless slackers. So, it is essential to reverse such typical stereotypes of dropouts, making people believe they are also trying to learn new things but lack of educational resources.


MUJO application resolves this information asymmetry by disclosing students’ course material and progress reports to the public, allowing eligible teachers to better understand their potential pupils and thus more likely to volunteer to help adolescents. 

Meanwhile, by showing previous course examples, MUJO is trying to seek volunteer lecturers from the public, letting people have an insight that how it is important to broaden middle school kids’ horizons, no matter based on people’s traveling experiences or presentations of their professional works.

Bringing vibrant bubbles and a badge to illustrate fighting spirit


Being warm as the main style and being cool to display a shortcut


Using circle and rounded rectangle to represent delight and kindness 


Designing leaflets that could be used as a cup mat, avilable in public space like cafe to promote the platform

On the back of the leaflet, the QR code directs people to the website of MUJO platform.

We interviewed 2 dropouts and 3 social workers to understand the current situation and their needs.

Summarizing insights to point out opportunity areas

Creating a storyboard to illustrate the main design scenario and communicate with stakeholders

We had a one-day lecturer trial with twenty students to evaluate how the platform works for teachers.