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Erus: A Self-driving Car System to Liberate People in Urban Areas

AREA: Service design & Interaction design


TIME & TEAM: A 5-week project with André Kennedy and Raúl Salas

CONTRIBUTION: Involving in service design with another two designers, taking charge in creating tangible interface embedded in car interior and filmmaking for concept showcase



By understanding the society’s mobility needs, we aim to propose new premium products and services that present the future experience of Volkswagen. Considering the urban life in the future, with high population density and transport infrastructure, how might we provide enhanced mobility for people in such context with autonomous vehicles?



Erus is a self-driving car system that organises people’s daily commuting. By opening the ordering system, the assigned car would know where you are and come to you within a few minutes. Aside from driving service, Erus also provides good delivery, like preparing a bottle of wine that passenger wants to enjoy behind the wheel, or delivering personal stuff to next destination. The service aims to provide a completely tailored experience that people couldn’t have today.

Integrating with the mobile calendar application to align with users' daily schedules

The interface allows users to adjust schedules with ease, be adaptable for extension and cancellation. 

Building a real-size space to iterate the 2-seat arrangement 

The tangible interface exists in the surrounding of interior space. It is invisible and serves as an armrest. 

By voice control, the interface emerges from the surface, and then passengers can use hand gestures to adjust the setting of a car, like playing music, adjusting the temperature of the heater.

Video to show gesture control for tangible interface